Steve's Bio:

I am a compassionate, caring, encouraging, and loving guy! I am retired and really enjoying it! I have been married for 42 awesome years, have 3 grown children with 3 wonderful spouses, and 5 fun grandchildren!I love vintage Volkswagens - especially camper buses. I love working on them and our house in Sugar Grove, NC. My wife and I enjoy traveling all over the USA and maybe Europe someday. 

Why I Joined RISE:

I attended a RISE event on incarceration in the fall of 2017. I enjoyed hearing the information each person had to share. Most of all what led me to join RISE was the break out discussion group. It opened my eyes to a new adventure in my life. 


Made new good friends we call family

Helped one friend get a job when he needed it most. ​

Learn more about the realities of others

What I have Learned In The Process:

I've learned that my white privilege kept me mostly unaware of the struggles that some people have in their lives. I was very naive about the workings of the justice system, education, and health care that can affect how some people find it difficult to rise out of life situations. 

Continue to love retirement

See the entrepreneur venture grow from a dream to reality. 

Make it to my 50th wedding anniversary.

Future Plans:

I became clear to me half way through the cohort that there had to be more that RISE could do than handout a certificate of completion. Several of us got together and chose to try and find a way to provide positive economic futures for those who deserve it. I would like to help create a solution for those who desire more for their future.