Susan's Bio:

Susan moved to Watauga County in March 1983. She has worked at Blue Ridge Energy since 2003, and previously spent 16 years with First Union and Wachovia Bank. 

She is married to Frank and they have two grown children and 2 grand children. Susan and Frank also have 2 rescue dogs and one grouchy cat. 



Why I Joined RISE:

I first heard of CIRCLES (now RISE) and found that it was a highly successful program to help those interested in escaping poverty. I visited the Wilkesboro location and come home ready to get the movement started in Watauga Count. From the start it has been a passion to involve the right people as allies and champions. We have had a lot of success, support, and love for this program.

Prepare for retirement

Help my daughters and their families to continue to be happy and healthy. 

Serve Blue Ridge and the members by working hard and giving my best to the job.

Serve the community by seeking out those in need and helping them to develop solutions to improve their lives. 

What I have Learned In The Process:

I've made many new friends in RISE and have come to think of them as my family. Through RISE, I've learned a lot about conflict resolution and communication. These strategies have been helpful for developing relationships in the program and have helped to improve my relationships with others. The whole process has taught me that I have more common ground with others than I realized. I love being a part of this community!

Continue to grow personally through my association and work with the wonderful participants of RISE. 



Future Plans:

I will be working through 2017 and 2018 to help ensure that RISE continues its success story. I will be leaving the area in 2019 to live near the South Carolina coast. New RISE location?