Marg's Bio:

II had been involved as a volunteer with Hospitality House for many years. I’ve been interested in poverty issues and homelessness and I wanted to understand at a deeper level what communities can do to alleviate the effects of poverty and lack of opportunity. I believe that all people need to be contributing members of the society they live in and deserve to feel their worth.


Why I Joined RISE:

Marg is originally from Birmingham, Alabama. She was active in Girl Scouts until she went to college at Birmingham-Southern College to study Geology. In 1962 her and her husband, Ken, moved to Chapel Hill, NC to pursue graduate studies in geology. In 1968, they relocated to Boone where they adopted two children and had a daughter. In 1972, they relocated to Washington DC for a year while Ken completed a fellowship with the Smithsonian. In 1973, they adopted another daughter and relocated back to Boone. Marg spent her career working in various roles for the Appalachian State University Geology Department where she retired from. 

What I have Learned In The Process:


I have learned to listen more deeply. I have learned about the complexity of poverty and homelessness and heard many personal stories that make these issues more real to me. I’ve learned some of the ways our community can become more aware and involved in the welfare of all of us.

Travel outside the US/Europe 

Establish strong relationship with younger daughter

Receive final approval to occupy new construction on our home

Not to shy away from tough conversations and involvement with a variety of people

Continue to read and learn about the issues of poverty, homelessness, and “exclusion”.

Practice tough love

Continue to talk with people in the community about my experiences with people who are struggling, their strengths and courage, and the things we do as a community that doesn’t support them

Try not to let myself get spread too thin

Future Plans:

I intend to continue to be involved with Hospitality House and it’s residents and staff and others in the community who need our support. My family structure has changed with my daughter and granddaughter now living with me. I’m learning a lot about the toddler world and will be more involved with them. I intend to continue to read and talk with people who can give me insight into poverty, homelessness, and issues that can push people aside. I will work to avoid getting spread too thin, but to continue to develop personal associations that help me to make a difference in our community.