stephanie's Bio:

Why I Joined RISE:

Stephanie Duncan is a mother of three beautiful children aged 17, 15, and 1. She and her husband Josh have another little one on the way. She is from Greenville, SC and has been in Boone since April 2016. She loves working in customer service and helping people in need. She currently works for the Salvation Army. She believes everyone deserves a second chance. 

I joined RISE so that I could better my life and learn things so that I can help others in similar circumstances. I have learned that there are many people in the same situation and that many of them are lacking resources. 

Stephanie Duncan


Reunite with my daughter and relocate her to Boone, NC

Obtain housing of my own

Build my personal savings account

What I have Learned In The Process:

I've made many new friends in RISE and have come to think of them as my family. Through RISE, I've learned a lot about conflict resolution and communication. These strategies have been helpful for developing relationships in the program and have helped to improve my relationships with others. The whole process has taught me that I have more common ground with others than I realized. I love being a part of this community!

Complete my probation

Help the community to better understand that people with felonies are not bad people.

Help others like me get a second change at a better life. 

Future Plans:

I am focused on getting enrolled into college to obtain my Bachelor's in Business Management. My husband, Josh, and I plan to open our own business. We are also working towards getting our own housing, and have a goal of owning our own home within the next two years. After completing school, I would like to get started on finding employment. I am looking forward to the birth of my child, and spending time focusing on my family and my children.