Dylan's Bio:

Dylan is from Bulter, PA. He has been in Boone for one year. He loves cooking and gaming in his spare time. He loves helping people in need. Music is an important part of his life. 



Why I Joined RISE:

Several of my friends were involved in RISE. I was invited to join, and I am glad I decided to see what it was all about. 

Move into stable housing of my own

Make more friends

Go back to school for culinary 

Get out of the house more

Find local organizations to volunteer

What I have Learned In The Process:

I have learned that trusting in people and making new friends is better than being alone. I've learned that mistakes made in the past doesn't make someone a bad person. Everyone deserves a second chance. 

Future Plans:

I look forward to volunteering more and possibly going back to school for culinary.