Why I Joined RISE:

Josh is originally from Caldwell Country and has been in Boone for 2 years. He is married to his wife, Stephanie, and they are expecting a child. He has been in and out of trouble for much of his life. However, Josh is committed to a new way of life and understands his potential. He has a vision for helping people with felonies get a second chance, and has met many talented people affected by criminal history. He also loves working with his hands and being outside. 

I joined RISE to better myself and learn how to understand the different outlooks on life that come from various points of view. I work with people from all backgrounds and wanted to understand how to work on problems together without arguments. 

Josh duncan

Josh's Bio:

Get married and start a family

Begin a savings fund to be used for housing

Obtain housing of my own

Be a father that my children can be proud of and provide them with a better way of life that the one I had. 

Demonstrate to the community that felons can change if given a second chance

Become a mentor for youth in trouble and help guide them down the right path.