Ernest's Bio:

Ernest is originally from Washington DC and moved to North Carolina in 2007 after having an accident. He has been staying strong and has overcome a number of obstacles that life has thrown at him. He has been working for Watauga Opportunities for 2 months and he enjoys his job. He is strong minded and determined. Ernest is also a great listener! 

Ernest Bailey

Why I Joined RISE:

I joined RISE so that I could learn how to keep an open mind. I also joined to learn more about the resources that are available to me with the hopes of sharing my finding with others in need. 


Learn to thrive after personal injury 

Secure a part-time job in the workforce

Complete application and obtain HUD Voucher

What I have Learned In The Process:

I've made many new friends in RISE and have come to think of them as my family. Through RISE, I've learned a lot about conflict resolution and communication. These strategies have been helpful for developing relationships in the program and have helped to improve my relationships with others. The whole process has taught me that I have more common ground with others than I realized. I love being a part of this community!

Build a savings fund to prepare for financial sustainability 

Find accommodating housing

Keep learning new things to help others in need and guide them in the right direction

Remain strong and keep moving forward