Weekly Meetings are the center of what we do at RISE. We meet every Thursday from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM at Boone United Methodist Church. Each meeting begins with a community meal provided by volunteers and our community partners. 

The remainder of the weekly meetings are reserved for a time of shared learning. All RISE Participants complete a 14-week experience using the NETworX Curriculum. Focus areas include the impacts of poverty, privilege, and trauma on our lives. The curriculum is designed to help participants thrive in all aspects of life and attention is given to building abundance in finances, relationships, resources and community. The curriculum centers on reciprocity and participants are challenged to find meaning ways to give back and contribute both inside and outside the classroom. 

At the conclusion of the training program, graduates are offered opportunities to continue their personal development through learning modules tailored to meet the needs and interests of graduates. Previous modules have included budgeting and personal goal setting. 



New & Goods We open each week with sharing New & Goods. Every participant is invited to share about the new and exciting developments that have taken course over the previous week so that we can celebrate individual accomplishments. 

Appreciations & Intentions At the conclusion of each week, we take time to express our appreciation for those in our community, and create intentions for the week to come. 

Community Agreement Our Community Agreement establishes the culture and norms of our class. Respect for others and self are central to our community. Read our Community Agreement.